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What A Difference A Year Makes!

It's been an exciting year of growth at Linear Recumbents.

On January 1st, 2011 we had one model, the Linear Limo long wheelbase.

Fast forward to January 1st, 2012 and we have three models, three component groups and one new steering option for a total of twelve bikes!

The Linear Roadster is named 2011 Bentrider Recumbent Bike of the Year!

On January 1, 2012, our new Linear Roadster won the prestigious 2011 'Bentrider Recumbent Bike of the Year by 'Bentrider Online editor Bryan Ball!

This model is now available with the option of Over seat steering (OSS) or under seat steering (USS) and three component groups. The 2013 Roadsters start at $2495 and culminate with the sub 30 lb. Roadster XL.


Read more about the Year in Review and What a Difference a Year Makes as well as the OSS Linear Roadster option.



The Legendary Llinear "Limo" LWB USS Recumbent Bike The NEW Linear Roadster SWB USS Recumbent Bike 20" x 26"

The Legendary Linear Limo!

? Lightest LWB USS recumbent in its class
? Comfy, Stable, Relaxing, Durable, Fun!
? Still hand made in the USA!
? Available since 2006

Click here for more Linear Limo 3.0 info

The New Linear Roadster!

? Lightest SWB USS in its class
? Comfy, Nimble, Quick, Durable FUN!
? Hand made in the USA
? Most colors/sizes in stock for prompt shipping

Click here for more Linear Roadster SWB info


&the Linear Limo LR "Low Rider"

& the Roadster OSS option

Linear Roadster OSS option

Click here for more Linear Limo LR info Click here for more OSS Linear Roadster info


The Linear Limo 3.0 LWB USS Recumbent Bike


2011 is the 6th year the Linear Limo 3.0 Recumbent Bike has been in production.

Since 2001 we have been listening to hundreds of Linear owners who have ridden their bikes up to 80,000 miles. We took their experience and feedback and using the latest engineering technology we redesigned the Linear Recumbent Bike. The result; is The Linear Limo 3.0 ~ a world class commuting, day tripping and touring bike.


Linear Recumbent Bikes are Engineered in the USA and Made in the USA


Still a Long Wheel Base (LWB) recumbent with Under Seat Steering (USS) the Linear Limo LWB now comes standard with the excellent RANS seat and is the only aluminum recumbent with under seat steering made in the USA today.



Linear Limo 3.0 review on 'BentRider online


The 2011 Linear Limo

Linear Limo 3.0 Made in the USA

The New Linear "Limo"




Shimano Bar Cons Shifters

Shimano Dura Ace 27 speed bar-con shifters.

Truvativ Giga Pipe Crankset

Linear Shimano Crank

Truvativ Giga Pipe 26-38-48 crankset for easier hills-climbs.

NEW Rear Frame

Only the best - Most rugged and durable Linear frame Ever!


Designed and tested to be the most rugged & reliable Linear ever.


Shimano Deore LX & Avid Disk Brake

Linear Shimano derailleur & Avid disc brake

Shimano Deore LX 9 speed rear derailleur & Avid Rear Disk Brake for sure stopping even when wet.






Video - Adjusting Your Linear Limo Recumbent Bike


Step by Step Instructions showing you how to adjust your Linear Recumbent Bike


Video - Adjusting (shifting) the Gears on Your Linear Recumbent Bike


Step by Step Instructions showing you how to change gears on your Linear Recumbent Bike


Video - Fun Riding the Linear Limo Recumbent Bike


No Instructions Necessary - Just Have Fun!


Proudly Made in America

The Linear Limo LWB/USS recumbent is made in Alfred Station NY. If you want to enjoy comfortable transportation and low impact, outdoor exercise again the Limo Recumbent Touring Bike is a prime candidate. Linear owners have been riding their bikes around town and cross-country since the 80?s.


Since 1994 I have ridden close to 85,000 miles on the two Linear long wheelbase Linear bikes I have owned.


Linear Recumbent Bike Reviews


The Linear Limo 3.0 has been shipping since August 2006.


Read a Linear Limo 3.0 LWB Consumer Report: the first Linear Recumbent Limo 3.0 after 5,000 miles!


The Linear Limo 3.0 Recumbent Bike climbing a hill


New features of the Linear Limo 3.0:

New rear frame, designed and tested to be the most rugged & reliable Linear Recumbent ever.

  • Avid bb-7 rear disk brake for sure stopping even when wet and long brake pad life.

  • Shimano Deore LX 9 speed rear derailleur.

  • Shimano Dura Ace 27 speed bar-con shifters.

  • Truvative Firex 3.3 GXP crank & axle with 48-36-26 touring gearing.

  • Hand laced wheels with Shimano Deore hubs and Sun CR18 rims.

As always, every Linear is Made in the USA

I would recommend the Linear LWB to first time bent buyers. Peter has made a lot of improvements to the design--more rigid, less noisy, better braking, and safer.
Enjoy the big grin.


Linear Recumbent Bike Reviews


Linear Limo 3.0 Specs:


Made in the USA


Frame Custom drawn 6061 T6 aluminum tubing


59" to 68"


33 lbs.

Frame Sizes

40", 45", 50"

Seat Height



Under Seat 


Durable Powder Coat (Yellow or Red)


Truvativ Giga Pipe 26-38-48 crankset for easier hills-climbs.


Shimano Deore LX 9 speed rear


Shimano Dura Ace 27 speed bar-con levers

Brakes Rear Avid BB-7 disk rear, front V-brake

Gear Range


Rear Wheel 

26" (559)

Front Wheel

20" (406)

Pedals Aluminum Pedals Included


Linear Recumbent Bike Sizes:

Medium - 40? fits riders ~5?2? to ~5?8?
Large ? 45? fits rides ~5?6? to ~6?4?
X-Large 50? fits riders ~6?3? to ~6?8? Add $100.

For Quality Control - All new Linear Recumbent Bikes are assembled and test ridden before final packaging and shipping, weather permitting.

Gary loves his Linear Recumbent Bike - The Linear Limo 3.0 USS


"I have now done several rides on my new Linear Limo. Everything works well! I really like the bar-con shifters, and the gearing on the 3.0. The accessory mount is sweet and with the fenders mounted I'm ready!
FYI, the USS is just the ticket for me. I've had several RANS bikes, as well as a Tour Easy, and as nice as they were, I was always seeing handle bars. The ergonomics of the USS system is also better to in my opinion."

~ Gary R.

Every Linear is fully assembled and adjusted. If the roads are not messy they are each test ridden. They are then slightly disassembled and shipped directly to you. We would be glad to email pictures to help you with the re-assembly.
If you prefer we can ship your Linear to a bike shop near you for final assembly.

Dress up your Linear Limo 3.0:    

Description: Price:
Linear Limo 3.0, with RANS seat $2,495.00
specify: medium or large, yellow or red  

For XL frame size, add $100.

XL size fits riders ~6'4 to 6'8" 

Rear rack with adaptor for Limo 3.0 $69.00
Kickstand and block $55.95
Chain idler and block $55.95
Buy the kickstand, chain idler block together - save $19. $90.00
Chain Tube, with clamp, attaches to kickstand block $19.50
mirror, fits in the end of your handlebar $18.95
fenders, front & rear, requires fitting to bike $49.95
Fenders, front & rear, fitted to bike, removed to ship $89.00
water bottle cages, mount on seat back price is for 2:  $19.00
Accessory mount for light & speedometer  $23.95
Blaze LED front light - brightest LED for the price *  $29.95
Superflash LED taillight - the brightest we have seen! *  $30.95
Areospoke carbon wheels, ordered with a bike  $699.00
Rohloff 14 speed hub, twist shift, Ordered with bike  $1,595.00
Fairing & mount  $549.00
RANS seat with adapters, ordered separately  $395.00
* AAA Batteries-life is ~100 hours in flashing mode.   
* 2 Watch batteries-life is ~50 hours in flashing mode.   


Options and accessories ship free when purchased with a new bike.





We Accept The Following Payment Methods:

  Checks, Major Credit Cards and PayPal

To initiate order email 

or call 607-587-8835 10:00 - 6:00, Eastern-time, Wednesday through Saturday.
Do not email credit card info!