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Linear Limo 3.0 LWB USS Recumbent Bicycle - The Engineering


The American Engineering behind the redesign of the Linear Limo 3.0 Recumbent Bike. The Linear Limo is the only aluminum USS LWB recumbent bicycle Made in the USA today!


In 2002 we purchased the assets of Linear from Iowa and began a long overdue structural redesign of the Linear Long wheelbase recumbent. We started by buying and examining broken pieces of Linear bikes built in Iowa between the 1980?s and 1990?s.

The old Iowa Frame had lateral weakness causing it to bend
This Iowa frame part shows the result of lateral weakness

We took this information and combined it with computer FEA analysis of the Iowa frame. Then we took an Iowa made Linear into the lab and measured its vertical and lateral rigidity to verify our FEA model.


Lab tests of the Linear Limo frame
A Linear frame being tested in the lab

Then we spent 3 semesters designing the prototype of what became the Linear Limo. This made extensive use of using computer aided FEA design.


FEA tests of the Linear Limo frame

FEA tests show the strength of the New Linear Limo 3.0 Frame

Then we built a prototype and attached strain gauges and accelerometers to the frame and a laptop computer behind the seat. The bike was then raced through potholes, off curbs and up hills by a 240 lb rider. After looking at all this info we felt confident enough to bring the bike to Bicycle Man, our retail recumbent shop to let dozens of our customers test ride it and give us feedback. They liked it! We loaned the prototype to a 250 lb friend who rode it 800 miles then strapped on an additional 50 lbs of gear and rode over 1100 miles from Maine to Georgia. He then sent this prototype back to us for inspection. We stripped to the bare frame and inspected it for visible damage but found nothing but cosmetic scratches. Next we had it dye penetrant tested to find any fatigue cracks we could not see otherwise. This certified technician?s report found that the New Linear Limo 3.0 passed nuclear specifications with one exception. Based on his report we redesigned this one area to eliminate the possibility of this happening on subsequent Linears.

So now we had a prototype that:

  1. Our customers liked

  2. Had survived 2000 miles, over ? of that loaded with 300 lb of rider and gear.

We spent another semester refining the frame design. We wanted to strengthen it a little more and had to work out a few manufacturing details including designing and building the tooling to build the Linear Limo 3.0.

Chris rides the first Linear Limo
Chris out for a ride on Linear Limo #1

Chris, the owner of Limo #1 has well over 5000 miles on it and has given us valuable feedback from his experience. For instance, he found the rear Avid BB-5 disk brake pads needed replacing after ~3000 miles so we now use the BB-7 for easier adjustment and longer pad life.

Linear Limo Frame being put through its paces by a 400 lb fatigue tester
Our 400 lb gorilla ready for destructive testing of a Linear Limo frame.

Working with a Linear owner who is also a professor at Purdue we enlisted a group of Purdue students and built a 400 lb fatigue tester. This machine will simulate hundreds of thousands of road miles by repeatedly placing loads up to 1200 lb on the seat and 100 lb on each pedal. We will soon begin destructive testing of several Linear frames to see what else can be improved.

I recently read that one of our competitors has a new frame design and is selling the first one produced to a customer. I hope that goes well for them, we prefer to test the design before setting it out to our customers. We figure in the long run this is better for our customers and us.





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