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Linear "LWB" 2.0 Recumbent Bicycle - made from 2003 to 2006.


Since 1984 the Linear LWB has been one of the most relaxing recumbents available. In 2003 this classic design got the first significant updates since 1992:

Rear V-brake mount: stiffer, stronger chainstays. We have added a 1/4" thick aluminum plate and doubled the amount of welding on this part of the frame. Lateral flex and creeping-misalignment should be eliminated with this re-design. Of course much more powerful braking is another advantage J

Bottom Bracket gusset: two to four times stiffer and stronger than the previous welded bottom bracket. Stiffer means faster sprints and easier hill climbs. Stronger means... stronger J This is more significant for larger, stronger riders.

Handlebar ends: the natural, relaxing Under Seat Steering (USS) hand position becomes more natural, relaxing, adjustable and ergonomic. They are also easier for riders with shorter arms to reach, ladies in particular will like this. 

Shimano Bar Con shift levers and Deore LX rear derailleur: improved shifting and better seat/handlebar clearance, especially if you like to recline your seat.

With its very stable handling, comfortable seat and natural arm position it is as relaxing as a lawn-chair on wheels. One first time recumbent rider said "If my butt had wheels this is what it would be like!" Most riders who like USS get used to this bike very quickly. It is very stable at speed but will also do a "U" turn without great effort. The 20"x26" wheels use relatively common tire sizes so finding tires, even on a tour is not difficult. It is an excellent touring bike.


If airline travel is a part of your touring plans consider the LWB 2.0 Folding model. For $1895 it is easier to  pack, store and transport. It is also about one pound heavier and less stiff.

The rear chainstay-frame joint flexes a bit and may "creak." Some riders had a persistent problem with this on the folding Linears made in Iowa. The reinforcing V-Brake mount on 2003 chainstays reduces (and may eliminate) this creaking.

Some folks fold their Linear to put it in the trunk of their car, though the folding takes more than a minute and leaves the chain dangling. Folding it to fit in airline baggage takes longer. When folded the longest part is 39" to 48", depending on which frame size you have.

Folding Linear at the Eiffel Tower

How would you get your recumbent to Paris?

Click here for more info on the Linear folder.


The welded model, $1595, is about one pound lighter, stronger, stiffer and eliminates the creaking.


The improved 2003 LWB V-Brake mount/chainstay reinforcement further reduces flex and strengthens the frame. The result is the strongest Linear LWB ever marketed. 

The Linear seat comes with water bottle bosses on the seat back and has adjustable seat struts. These were options in previous years. 


Wheelbase 59" to 68"
Weight 32 lbs.
Frame Size 39", 42", 45", 48"
Seat Height 25"
Steering Under Seat 
Finish: Natural silver (Aluminum)
Gears: Triple crankset and 8 speed rear Sachs 3x7or 3x8 Rear Hub option
Derailleurs Shimano Deore LX rear
Shifters Shimano Ultegra bar-con levers
Sachs 3x7 twist with Sachs hub
Gear Range (With 3x7) 21-104
Rear Wheel  26"
Front Wheel 20"
 LWB models/sizes available welded or folding; 36"(x-small) 39" 42" 45"

The Bicycle Man also maintains a selection of parts and accessories for Linear recumbent bicycles.





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