Parts and Accessories

Linear Parts and Accessories

Linear Recumbent Repair Parts: Price:
Fork, 20″ wheel, black, 1″ unthreaded W/ V-brake bosses $69,95
Threadless headset to fit above threadless fork $36,90
Fork steering link plate, clamps on unthreaded fork $34,50
Steering-link, outer tube, with threaded insert $49,95
Steering-link inner “flute” tube, WO/threaded insert or ball collar $59,50
Steering-link clamping collar $14,95
Safety Pin (“grenade pin”) $5,60
Ball Stud & QR end (set of 1 male & 1 female) $37,95
Steering-link QR ball collar Joint (ea) $19,95
Ball Studs – specify #1, #2 or #3. $19,50
Click here for specific ball studs info
Steering-link, complete, assembled $176,00
Handlebar mounting Block $39,95
Bearing Set for USS handlebars, complete $29,95
Specify ID for top bearing
USS Handlebar only $88,00
Handlebar-ends $29,95
Shimano Dura-Ace Bar-Con shifters, 9 Speed $109,95
Seat mounting block $39,95
Seat Rod adjustable, Iowa made, Iowa price, Iowa quality each $40,80
Seat Support Rod W/ends, Iowa built non adjustable, each $28,80
Seat Spreader Rod $9,60
Seat cushion cover only $39.95
2″ seat cushion, foam only $19,95
Seat Cover new style tall back $89,95
Seat Cover new style low back $89,95
Seat, complete, new style, with mesh Sold Out
Rans Seat – Only $473
Rans Seat Struts – 66.65
Hardware to mount on a Linear Recumbent – $75
Total Cost to retrofit RANS Seat to an Iowa Linear $614.65
Bacchetta Seat – Only $300
Bacchetta Seat Struts – $60
Hardware to mount on Linear Recumbent – $75
Total Cost to retrofit a Bacchetta Seat to an Iowa Linear $455.00
Linear Recumbent Bike Accessories: Price:
For Iowa vintage Linears:
V-brake mount & adapter, clamp on, Fits Iowa LWB & SWB & tandem $59,95
Rack Adaptor, LWB $25,95
Rear rack, with rack adapter $54,95
Front deraileur mount, with cable stop and rivets $39,95
Kickstans/chain-idlers for Iowa & NY Linear recumbents
Mounting block for chain-Idler and/or kickstand, block only $29,95
Kickstand W/O mount, specify LWB, CLWB, SWB or Tandem $29,95
Chain-idler without mounting block, for LWB or CLWB $29,95
Kickstand & mounting block $55,95
Chain-Idler with mounting block $55,95
Chain Idler & kickstand complete with block $84,95
Chain Tube with clamp, bolts to kickstand block $19,95
Bike Parts to fit Linear Recumbents: Price:
Bulldog Brake fits 26″ rear wheel Linears SALE! Was: $29.00 Now $19,00
Tires: 16″; 20″; 26″; 700c or 27″ $24.50 and up
26″ 3×8 dual-drive wheel with shifter, replace a 3×7 or get 72 speeds! $199,00
Parts for Iowa vintage Linear recumbents
Iowa made folding Frame, beam only W/stops SALE ! Was $360 $99,00
Iowa made headtube, folding, painted black SALE ! Was $72 $39,95
QR bolts for folding frame joint, each $12,80
Rear brake standoff block, for 27″ or 700c rear wheel Iowa Linears $8,00
Rear sidepull Brake Adaptor, for Iowa built Linears with 26″ rear wheel $10,00