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Unbiased Consumer Reviews of the Linear Recumbent Bicycle from Linear Bike riders.

Hi Peter,

The bike has arrived okay, has been assembled and ridden! I was about the email you. It went together without a problem. The bike feels much better to ride than my old Iowa model, being quieter, stiffer and better handling. I am very happy with the bike as it is a big step forward in all respects from the older models and I look forward to longer rides in the better weather and my forth trip ‘END to End’ here in the UK.


Bought a linear limo 2.0 a few years ago second hand, best bike I ever owned. Love going on bike rides with it. Currently putting a hitch on it to take along my daughter in a trailer behind.


Riding my Linear is like sitting in a comfortable chair, watching a 3D IMAX movie!


I’ve been riding a original Linear Sonic for 15+ years now. Tried out a Roadster at a local bike store and was very impressed. (Un)fortunately my Sonic is still doing great so I wasn’t able to justify getting a new Roadster – at least not yet!

But I will say this – that my next bike is going to be the Roadster!


My Linear Limo 3.0 is my weight loss partner. From 298 pounds down to 189 as of today. My goal range is 160-180 pounds. Just a few more miles and days to go! I’m in love with my “LL”.


A friend and I rode long wheelbase Linears from Bangor, ME to southern GA in 2005. We were both over 200 lb and found them to be excellent for touring and all around riding. I rode a NY built Linear 2.0; my friend rode the first prototype Linear 3.0. He towed a Burley trailer for part of the tour and then switched to panniers for the rest of the way.

The Linear towed great and handled the weight of the panniers also. The Linear performs similar to any recumbent- down shift to climb a hill, and enjoy the scenery; fly down the other side with great stability; maintain a steady cadence on the flats. I loved the under seat steering. The long wheelbase gave a very comfortable ride on rough roads, even with 100 psi high pressure tires to reduce rolling resistance. We had a great time. Peter has done a great job improving the Linear.


Hi Peter,

The linear arrived on Friday.

I spent all weekend riding it and then this morning took it to school (12 miles) and beat my best wedgie time by about 5 minutes without really pushing it.

The best thing about it is I still have some energy left for my students.

Bob D

ps – The rear brake works great

Since 1994 I have ridden close to 85,000 miles on the two Linear long wheelbase Linear bikes I have owned. I have loaded them with panniers every where you can put a bag, even hanging one under the seat. I have ridden my Linears recumbents in every state west of the Mississippi on every type of terrain and road you can think of. I have also ridden many other brands and types of recumbents but the Linear is still my favorite ride. Over the years I have allowed over 100 people to test ride my Linear and quite a few have become recumbent enthusiasts since then. Living in Utah there are not many places to ride without climbing. I have ridden century days that included 3 mountain passes with over 9,000 ft vertical climb for the day.

Riding up hills loaded is a challenge but it can be done, just not very quickly. I just sit back and enjoy the scenery and prepare for the incredible ride down the other side. Narrow, winding roads are not a problem. The only times I have felt the long wheel base awkward has been in the crowd at the start of events. [eg: centuries, RAGBRAI etc.]

Peter at Bicycle Man llc has made some great improvements to the bike over the last few years. The newer ones have great handling characteristics. Don’t get me wrong here, I didn’t think my old one handled badly. I loved the bike and thought it handled great but when I got my new Linear 2.0 frame I noticed a huge difference in the first mile. If you happen to travel to the Salt Lake City area I would be more than happy to let you take a spin on mine.

Grant Aagard

Tour Coordinator/Owner
Tailwinds Bicycle Tours

I have owned several recumbents, including LWB, CLWB and SWB. My first recumbent was an Iowa Linear folder (96 vintage). I own a version 2.0 Bicycle Man Linear as well.

I really like the ride on a Linear. My folder is my winter bike (I live in Michigan). The riding position is very user friendly and it is a stable ride.

The Linear is fine going up hills. I have never had to walk a hill. I have successfully climbed the legendary “Wall” in northern Michigan (22 percent grade) on my Bicycle Man Linear. Sometimes I hear that “recumbents can’t climb.” Not true, but you do have to have a few seasons on the bike to build strength and technique.

I would recommend the Linear LWB to first time bent buyers. Peter has made a lot of improvements to the design–more rigid, less noisy, better braking, and safer.
Enjoy the big grin.

Brad E.


The new Linear certainly is a big improvement over the Iowa built models. Very quiet and the frame seems much stiffer. I have had no particular problems with the new Linear with about 400 miles on it at this point; it has been a rough winter to ride!

The systems on the bike work well, the brakes are certainly a big improvement.


Dear Linear,

The Linear (LWB) was my first ‘bent, bought after trying every recumbent bike I could find for about a year. I found some bents elsewhere in the US as business trips allowed. I thought the Linear LWB was a good decision and great bent then, and I still do now. It’s a great all around bent for local riding or long distance and one of the easiest, most comfortable of ‘bents I have tried.

Still smiling!



The wheel you made for my Linear has crossed the US (southern Cycle America route) two times without a flat or truing.



I am so glad that I switched to this (Linear recumbent) bike and am finding it a new joy to ride again. Thanks for all of your help.


John, Linear Iowa LWB folder


I love my new Linear LWB bike! I rode it on Sunday farther that I have ridden a bike in recent years. I have let almost 20 people try it. Everyone likes it.


Hi Peter,

I bought my Linear Limo recumbent from you back about the beginning of June. Just thought I would drop you an email to tell you how much I have enjoyed this bike. Back in the summer I was off on 15-25 mile rides almost daily. pretty good for a 52 year old guy on his second artificial heart valve!

I used to ride my old diamond-frame bike for exercise; the Linear I ride just for fun!

Great machine!

Thanks so much!


The program for the “Main Event” Criterium in Poughkeepsie NY said 10-12 year-olds could race “any type of bike.” At the registration table they decided Karen’s Linear recumbent was “any type” so she was in her first race.

Karen had been commuting and doing weekend rides with us and rode the 400-mile Erie Canal Ride in 2002. She had good stamina if not blistering speed and noodled around the course at her usual speed, winning by outlasting everybody other than one USCF licensed guy. Though she didn’t set the street on fire she did get the medal which she -really- likes and has hanging in a prominent place in her room.

And, she tells us she’s never going back to an upright bike!

After a 3 day, 300-mile ride.

I was 50 years old and over 230 pounds when I made a trip to The Bicycle Man to try recumbents. I found I liked the under seat steering (USS) much better. I took the Linear on a twenty-mile test ride, liked it and bought it.

The first day of our 3 day 300 mile ride I moved comfortably at a 17 to 18 mph pace on flat roads and rolling hills. On some hills I went as low a 6 mph. The Linear 3.0 shifted very smoothly and I was able to handle all of the hills of the trip.

I like the adjustability of the seat and handlebars. The thumb shifters are great and in just the right place for comfort and easy shifting. The rear disk brake is exceptional, stopping in the rain was as confident as the dry days. The ride of the 3.0 is very smooth and I took some big hits from some unexpected potholes.

I will probably switch to faster tires next year, other than that, the Linear 3.0 doesn’t need much refinement from my point of view. I found the Linear 3.0 to be quiet, strong and fast. It’s a bike you’ll be seeing me ride for a long, comfortable time.

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Chris Kelley
Pittsford, NY

First Test Ride

Simply put it’s the most fun I’ve had on two wheels since the gurney races in the early 1980’s
Following my 12 mile maiden ride, the only thing that hurt were my thighs. And that’s what I expected. No neck pain. No wrist and hand pain. No lower back pain.


There is great potential to make this a long distance buggy par excellence. This is not a bike for racing. It’s designed and built for comfort, not for speed. It’s built to carry the rider great distances in relative comfort. And so it does.