Peter assembles a Linear from the shipping box.

Linear Recumbents Demo Days 2016″ Peter Stull the “Bicycle Man

How to unfold a Linear Roadster

Folding a Linear Limo in 1:30

Linear Recumbents Demo Days 2016″ Peter Stull the “Bicycle Man

Linear Roadster – the recumbent bike that is even more maneuverable than the maneuverable Terratrike Rover recumbent tadpole trike.

Partially folding the Linear Limo for quick car storage

Folding A Linear Limo

Unfolding a Linear roadster – The recumbent bike that goes from your trunk to the road in under 3 minutes.

Removing the fork from a Linear Roadster.

Riding Linear Recumbent bikes just for fun! Maneuverable, stable and comfy too!

How to adjust a Linear Limo recumbent to fit you best.

Who says a maneuverable short wheelbase recumbent can’t also be stable? I rode this Linear Roadster down a driveway faster than I would drive my car down it. Note I was holding the camera with one hand and steering with the other…

Peter at Bicycle Man LLC demonstrates that some recumbent bikes and trikes can do a U-turn in a lot less space than others.

Bryan Ball of Bentrideronline interviews Peter about the Linear recumbent bicycle frame fatigue tester.

This 2010 Linear Roadster prototype demonstrates that some recumbent bikes can do a U-turn in a single lane.

In this Laidback Bike Report interview Peter unfolds a Linear Roadster SWB and a Linear Limo LWB recumbent bike. Going through each step slowly he shows the steps involved. Later he describes the design and production process and takes both for a ride at the end.

This Laid back bike report begins with the humorous history of Bicycle Man LLC, wanders through recumbent bike and trike history, covers the Linear Recumbent story, from its beginnings in Iowa to its current models made in New York.